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optimize the economic structure
Readjust and optimize the economic structure but, must improve investment pattern right away.
Interest-rate liberalization - together with other financial reforms - would help to improve the efficiency of capital allocation and to optimize the economic structure.
Strengthen agriculture as the foundation of the economy, and readjust and optimize the economic structure.
Accelerating the transformation of the pattern of economic development and adjusting and optimizing the economic structure
Developing tertiary industry is of great importance to our efforts to optimize the economic structure, create jobs and increase consumption.
Nanping aluminum plant was identified by the provincial government as one of the third batch of 50 key enterprises to optimize the economic structure.
The eastern region needs to lead the nation in optimizing the economic structure, deepening institutional reforms and changing the pattern of growth.
Keeping to the orientation of building a socialist market economy, we must strive for new breakthroughs in some major aspects of our reform and make substantial progress in optimizing the economic structure, developing science and technology and raising the level of opening up, so as really to find a way to coordinated development of the economy featuring a fairly high speed, fairly good performance and constant improvement of the quality of the economy as a whole.
All regions and all departments shall fully see the importance and urgency of economical and intensive land use and enhance the responsibility of economical and intensive land use. It is necessary to change the idea on land use assuredly, change the mode of economic growth, adjust and optimize the economic structure, realize economical and intensive land use in the process of government's decision-making and all kinds of construction. It is necessary to ensure scientific planning of land use and promote potentialities exploitation in order to fully implement the concept of scientific development and guarantee the sustainable development of economy and society by practical action of economical and intensive land use.
We will pursue supply-side structural reform as the general goal, shift the growth model and upgrade the economic structure.
It would also help China improve its economic structure, eliminating polluting and resource intensive industries and making full use of China's comparative advantages.
This is a pivotal stage for transforming our growth model, improving our economic structure, and fostering new drivers of growth.
This target is in keeping with our goal of finishing building a moderately prosperous society in all respects, and it will boost market confidence and promote economic structural adjustment.
Sheng said China is on the right track to implement five key tasks of supply-side reform and has achieved "fruitful results," but more efforts are needed to upgrade economic structure to ensure that the nation is able to achieve the annual growth target.
Adjustment and optimization of the economic structure should be market-oriented, rely on scientific and technological advances, and adopt new systems and methods compatible with the development of a socialist market economy.
In November 2012, Mr. Xi presided over a Communist Party leadership meeting that endorsed a sweeping list of proposals to restructure the economy, tapping new sources of growth in consumption and the service sector. So far, though, the government has shown no appetite for a dramatic shake-up of state-owned conglomerates that dominate arteries of the economy, including energy and finance.
We will pursue a model of regional integration for Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei that is mutually beneficial and draws on complementary strengths, adjust and improve the region's economic and spatial structures, explore new models for the optimal development of densely populated areas with intensive economic activity, and develop a world-class city cluster with Beijing, China's capital, at its core, leading the development of the region surrounding the Bohai Sea as well as further inland in north China.
《意见》认为 , "鼓励、支持和引导非公有制经济的发展,有利于繁荣城乡经济、增加财政收入,有利于扩大就业、改善人民生活,有利于优化经济结构、促进经济发展,对于全面建设小康社会和加快社会主义现代化进程,具有重大的战略意义 。"
The view was presented that, "Not only does encouraging, supporting and guiding the development of the non-state-owned economy help promote the economic prosperity in urban and rural areas and increase fiscal revenue, it is also beneficial in creating new jobs, bettering the lives of the people, improving the economic structure and accelerating economic growth. It also has important strategic significance in realizing an all-round well-off society and in pushing forward the process of socialist modernization."
When examining the draft annual plan and the report on the plan, the Finance and Economic Committee shall pay attention to the following main points. They are: the guidelines for adopting the plans are in conformity with the Five-Year Plan and the Long-term Program for National Economic and Social Development approved by the NPC; the main goals and quotas are in conformity with the requirements for sustained and stable development of the national economy; and the chief measures adopted are in conformity with the requirements for enhanced macro-control, optimized economic structure, better plans for the key construction projects of the State, improved living standards of the people, redoubled efforts for creating more job opportunities, improved social security and sustainable development.
Environmental relations between you and me, rely on everyone. Let us join hands and take the road of green production and ecological protection, and promote the good development of green society, promote ecological development, create green tax, build a better car city, to build a moderately prosperous society, service area Of the central city construction, to make our due contribution!

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